Want a more efficient, reliable and long lasting dust or fume extraction system?

Installing or upgrading a dust extraction system should not be an afterthought. Making sure that your dust extraction system is properly installed and working at the correct capacity is absolutely crucial for your business’s productivity.

We are specialists in chip, dust, and fume management equipment and draw on the experience of more than 35 years professionally designing, fitting and upgrading dust and fume extraction systems. You may not think it the most interesting subject in the world, but we could talk about it for hours!

We are the exclusive UK agents for the Moldow range of products, these systems have proven themselves time and time again to provide long lasting, trouble free service.

Whatever your needs, whether it’s a bespoke design, a site consultation, or to take advantage of our experience of managing systems then we will be happy to help you.

Feel free to give us a call on 0845 838 6166.

If you are planning to install a new system, then you absolutely must read our free guide, “Costly mistakes when buying a dust extraction system, and how to avoid them.” Fill in the form here to get your free copy now.